Container Services

Mayflower’s containers are the perfect solution for moves in which short-term storage is required. Because we store your shipment right in the container in which it was loaded, your household effects do not have to be unloaded into a van for delivery when your new home is ready. This means less handling. Your possessions are safer, and less susceptible to damage.

A container is best visualized by dividing a moving van into compartments. A Mayflower container represents your own personal moving vault, fully secured and loaded by trained professionals. It is comforting to know that your valued possessions are being kept separate from other shipments in your own Sanitized container. Your Moving Consultant has more details about guaranteeing the “Exclusive Use” of a Mayflower container.

Whether you need expedited or delayed delivery, the flexibility of containers can provide it. Using our transit time schedules, you can choose the delivery that suits you best. Container flexibility can handle most situations. However, when you require short term storage, containers can be stored on a low cost basis.