USA & Canada

Moving across Borders

We want your cross-border move to be as stress free as possible. The staff at All-Aboard Moving Services offer expertise in the area of cross-border moving. Some enforcement of regulations by Customs authorities however is beyond our control.

What to Expect
Your Driver will clear Customs for you provided that all paperwork is in good order and shipment will not be “held in bond”. Bond fees are chargeable to the customer.  Prior to your move, the Moving consultant at All-Aboard Moving Services will ask you to complete a Declaration of Free Entry form, that your Driver will present to Customs at the border along with a copy of your valid Passport, a copy of the Bill of Landing and your household goods Inventory List. Since the content of each carton must be declared at the border, the All-Aboard Moving Services packers create a detailed Inventory List when packing your shipment. To avoid delays in the moving process, ensure that Passports, Birth Certificates, Photo IDs and Social Security/Insurance numbers for each family are valid. Customs regulations require you to enter the U.S. before your shipment and declare that you have goods to follow.

Required Documentation
Prior to your move, your All-Aboard Moving Services Moving Consultant will provide you with a detailed list of all the required Documentation.

List of standard documents:

  • Passport, Birth Certificates, and clear Photo Identification for each family member.
  • A Work Visa, Immigrant Visa, or an I-94Multiple Entry form.
  • Social Insurance number.
  • Completed 3299(Free Entry Form) obtainable by All Aboard Moving Services
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate if spouse’s family name differs.

*Disclaimer: The items in this list are according to government regulations and therefore are subject to change